Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday and still no news

Still waiting to hear if the Antique mall will be opened for business anytime soon. I talked to the owner this week and he was hoping that the city would pass the structure. A real bummer to have been in the mall for two days and then the tornado hits.
I feel very concerned for the people that do this for an actual income. I would be very upset if I had no income coming in. Thankfully it is just a hobby so that is a relief.
I have been busy going to estate sales and auctions to  get some cool stuff to put in the booth. I am sure that my honey is ready to move me and my stuff into the backyard! :0)
HOT HOT and more HOT is what the weather has been like here. The dogs have been telling us thank you everyday for the nice cool air they lounge in everyday.

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