Wednesday, June 1, 2011

High School is done

I am happy to say that all three of our girls are done with High School now, two have completed college, and one will start in the fall. Erin was accepted at A&M, Southwestern, and was wait listed at the University of Chicago. She chose to go to Southwestern and will start in the fall.
So we are now empty nesters so to speak, although the dogs require just as much attention. We recently had checks stolen from our mailbox so we have been dealing with all the ramifications of that. Doing all your bill pay through auto draft is great until you have to change all the information! :0(
Enough about that kind of yuck stuff! Erin had a busy day Saturday and we went and ate dinner at Benihanna's, she had never been. I think she enjoyed it and of course Stephanie and I love it there. Then back to work after a long weekend, seems like it has been a whole week already at work and it has just been two days!

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