Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Thursday

Whoo HOO almost Saturday the day that the youngest graduates. We are quite excited for the occassion to get here. The middle child got here from Kentucky and came by. The hounds were quite happy to greet her. They were eating up the attention!
Weather was great today, they are working steadily on the antique mall so hopefully it will be back in swing in no time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Weather - Dorothy

Whew!! Bad weather around this place.... Hail and wind, lots of rain too. There were tornado's all around. The hounds were not especially pleased when they started sounding the sirens. We got through with nothing major - just a few dings in the trucks.

However the Antique mall that I put my stuff in was hit really hard. :0( Very sad to hear that. They said that the inverntory inside is okay. Here's hoping that is correct.

There were two a/c units on top of the building one was ripped to shreds and thrown across the highway the other you can see in the picture is at the front of the building knarled up. It usually sits to the left and back.

Hopefully everyone is safe and staying dry.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time fly's whether you want it to or not....

I have such good intentions of posting on a regular basis and then I don't make the time to get on the computer. The youngest is graduating on the 28th so there is always something going on with last minute projects for school, awards banquets, etc.
Finally decided to go ahead and set up another antique booth, I can't stand to not buy antiques. This way and can buy them and love them for a bit and let them go to another home.
I will post pictures and will be adding a page to this blog for the booth.
Here is a picture of my mother-in-laws pup. He is such a cutie! His name is Cody and he is loving on his duck that his cousins in Texas sent him. :0)